Based on its long-standing experience and knowledge in the field of composite processing, the Gutmann company has adopted its own unique approach. As early as 1991, we developed a unique casting process using "Buloxiet". As a result, in order to meet our specific requirements we decided to design fully computer-controlled blending facilities under own management. Why? Well, from the storage facilities to the blending system to the injection pump, nothing can be left to chance.

n this carefully controlled environment, we now produce standardised parts with dimensional tolerances of 0.05%.

computer bij casting

The following images show our production process.

opwerken binnenkant
oppoetsen lossings middel

Application of the mould release agent and buffing.

coaten mal
coaten contra mal
gecoate mal
gecoatec ontra mal

Coating of the mould and counter-mould.

sluiten van de mal
dichtmaken van de mal

Closing of the mould.

gieten wasbak

The casting/injection process.

ontmalt stuk

Removal of the mould.

bijsnijden rand

Preparation, trimming and drilling for finishing.

polieren hoogglans
zoeten matte kleuren

Following the final checking and sanding of the items, they are either polished to produce a high-gloss finish or honed to obtain a smooth mat surface.


All our workers are trained in-house to guarantee the highest possible quality.